A fishing village with remarkable food

A short bus ride north of Edinburgh  you find Newhaven, perhaps a little less well known than its near neighbour Leith, but just as easy to get to on any of several buses from the centre.

An historic fishing village built alongside its harbour


it offers great walks along the breezy promenade where the views of Fife, the Forth and in the distance its bridges can be excellent.


Newhaven Main Street is a little set back and its origins as the homes of fishermen are visible in its buildings, street names and burial ground.

The buildings on the wharf have been re-purposed and there are now 2 largeish “chain” restaurants,


but far better in my opinion are the small local restaurants like The Lighthouse and another particular favourite  – Porto and Fi.  This small establishment does enormous breakfasts, light lunches and excellent early evening meals but today we just made time for coffee and home-made cakes.

Almost next door is a terrific local bakery that specialises in pies, cakes and our purchase – BridiesP1160038

but a place no-one should miss is back on the wharf where there is a fabulous seafood shop – Welch’s.  This is the sort of place that the top restaurants cite as their source of fresh fish and with good reason.  With a huge array of the freshest fish and shellfish and an equally enticing selection of smoked and cooked fish – it is almost impossible to choose from everything on offer.


We are going to eat well this Easter!



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