Spring in the gardens

On the second warm sunny day this week, it seemed a perfect excuse to make a first visit to the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens.  Founded in 1670 as a physic garden, it is now a varied and beautiful oasis in the Inverleithen area of the city.   Free to visit and with areas which will be at their best at different times in the year, we wanted to enjoy a glimpse of how it looked in early spring.

From its highest point above the Chinese garden “trek” you get a super skyline view of Edinburgh.


but the joy is randomly wandering around the many pathways that take you through themed gardens such as the dry alpine zone,


the upper woodland, with its giant redwoods,


areas full of azaleas and rhododendrons which will peak in about a month


or the meadow areas with their show of spring narcissi.


Sometimes we turned a corner and were assailed by spicy or sweet scents like this hammemelis.


We wandered round by the glasshouses but decided that we would save visiting them until another day, perhaps when it was less sunny or warm!


We then continued our walk via the Waters of Leith right down to the shore which added up to just about as perfect an afternoon as you could want.

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I love to travel and can count over 50 countries so far. My blogs are designed to create a repository for my travelling memories, but I hope others will find them interesting too.

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